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If you try to sound like someone else, you are denying the authenticity of your
own unique instrument.

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Singing and a fascination with voice technique has been the focus of my life since I began writing songs at the age of 16. Being a young singer songwriter, I came up against the limitations of my own voice pretty quickly. Hitting those high notes with ease, having a voice that didn't break in the middle, using my voice dynamically from the tiniest whisper to the biggest belt - These were the skills that I needed to deliver my songs with confidence.

Several years later I began to study voice formally at Concordia University in Montreal. I earned my music degree with a major in voice, then continued to study with a variety of teachers, some of my greatest mentors, each of whom gave me a piece of the puzzle. I took courses on vocal health at Vancouver General Hospital. I did a diploma course in Music Therapy. I worked with my own voice relentlessly. I wrote and learned countless songs and did tons of gigs and studio sessions.

When I began teaching 35 years ago, it felt like I had found my calling. As contemporary vocal styles evolved, I evolved with them, continuing to study and analyze how these modern sounds were made and passing new 
techniques on to my students. I have been so privileged to help out such singers as Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne and actors Tom Felton, Lana Parilla and other well known international artists.It brings me huge joy to share what I have learned and be a part of each person"s artistic journey.

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