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I did have singing lessons but I don't think it helped me that much until I met a great teacher in Vancouver named Judith Rabinovitch.

Sarah McLachlan

Judith is the mixed martial artist/Bruce Lee of vocal coaching.

Troy Samson producer/composer/musician

I've been working with Judith for several years, and she's helped me make incredible progress with my voice . She is so fun to work with, and she really cares about her students. Since working on my vocal technique with Judith, my range has expanded and I am able to sing more easily and with more control throughout my range. Judith's kindness and determination make her an incredible vocal coach.

                                                                                  Josh Bogert recording artist/producer

Judith is my go to vocal coach. I've sent many of my clients to her to either brush up on their skills, or straight up acquire some! She works wonders with singers, and everyone comes back from their first lesson with the same comment, "Judith is awesome!" Proper vocal technique is key to not only sounding great, but to protecting yourself from damage cause by improper singing. Call her up, book a lesson, see what I'm talking about!

Danny Craig musician/producer

Over the past two years, Judith has become much more than someone I spend my time making strange noises at - she feels like family. Vocal lessons are one of the highlights of my career, rather than just a mundane chore I drag myself to once a week. Judith's laid back, realistic, and approachable attitude makes lessons fun, breakthroughs high-five-able, and any difficulty I'm having with my voice something that can be broken down into easy steps and conquered. When I first saw Judith as a young, green, naïve singer, I sounded like a strangled cat screeching and yelling during a heavy spin cycle, and she helped me find my true voice rather than trying to imitate other vocalists, and sing powerfully and with my signature edginess without straining or hurting myself. I am both grateful and honoured to have her support, and would recommend her to any singer who is serious about having a career in music.

                                                                          Ciarán Strange singer/voice over artist

Judith is an incredible voice teacher. She has an amazing ability to provide creative solutions that work. My voice feels stronger than ever. The skills she has taught me have allowed me to expand my songwriting and vocal expression into places I never imagined were possible before. I highly recommend her to every artist I know.

Hilary Grist singer/songwriter

I have been taking vocal lessons with Judith once a week for a couple years now! The reason I continue with Judith is because she can really understand exactly what is going on with your voice and explain it in a way you'll understand! And who doesn't want to study with someone who has pink in their hair! You just know it'll be a good time!

Lisa Nicole singer/songwriter

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