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Vocal Services

Due to COVID-19 students must have received two COVID vaccinations to attend lessons in person.

Online lessons are available for all others.

Private Lessons

Sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual. The goal is to develop good vocal habits which will ensure better pitch, range, quality and flexibility of sound and integrate these into your style and song choices. Performance coaching is also available. All lessons will be recorded and given to the student via email or flash drive.

Group Sessions

Great for musical partnerships and bands. These sessions address basic technique and general sound quality, along with harmony and blending. Performance coaching is available.


In Studio Coaching

Ensure you get a great performance. Attention is paid to phrasing, pronunciation and emotional expression. This works best when the student has had some previous private lessons.

Voice Coaching for Actors and Non Singers

This training is geared towards anyone who uses their speaking voice extensively. Learn to speak without voice fatigue allowing for a freer range of expression. For actors, find more possibilities for emotional dynamics, character voices and overall flexibility.

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